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  • The arrival for students on all working days is 6:30 /7:30 am . Parents and Guardians are not to go near the Classrooms.
  • Improperly dressed students will be excluded from the Classroom. Students who are habitual defaulters in this regard will be fined.
  • Students is allowed to leave the School premises without the prior permission of the Principal
  • No Books, Newspaper, Periodicals etc should be brought to the School without the prior permission of the Principal. Unnecessary articles and books will be confiscated by the School authorities.
  • English must be spoken at all time in the School premises.
  • Irregular attendance habitual idleness, disobedience, and conduct injurious to the moral tone of the School and reasons for dismissal of a student.
  • The intended withdrawal of a students should be intimated in writing one month in advance to the Principal of the School. A fee of Rs. 400/- is charged for the issue of a Transfer Certificate.
  • Applications for the issue of a Transfer Certificate must be submitted atleast two clear days before the date of which the Transfer Certificate is required.
  • A fee of Rs. 100/- will be charged for the issue of a duplicate Report Card & duplicate Bank Challan booklet will be of 50/- .
  • When the School is in session, no Teacher or Student is to be visited without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Parents /Guardians are requested to check the Notice Board when they visit the School.
  • The School does not organize any Picnics or Excursions. If the parents leave their children on such Picnics/ Excursions, it is at their own risks.
  • Students remaining absent continuously for 3 days without prior intimation , will have their names struck off the roll and will have to seek re-admission by paying the re-admission charges of Rs. 200/-.
  • Parents can meet the Principal from Monday to Friday between 12 PM – 1 PM. on working days.
  • Students should be responsible for the safe custody of their books and belonging. Unless specially requested, on pupil should carry a lot of money to school. They are not permitted to attend school wearing expensive jewellery. The School will not task any responsibility for the loss/ theft of Jewellery, cash, or any other belongings.
  • Students are NOT ALLOWED to bring cell phones, Cameras, i-Pads or walkmans to School. Henceforth, if any child is found to be carrying / using a Mobile Phone/ i-pads or Camera within the School Premises /Classroom, the same will be confiscated and only the sim cards shall be returned. The handset will be returned as and when applicable. Apart from the above, the school reserves its rights to suspend the student for such activities.
  • If any student damages/ mishandles the school property or writes objectionable/vulgar languages on the school walls/desks, strong of the damages as suggested by the Management. Such activities on the part of the students may lead to their expulsion from the school.
  • Lending or borrowing money is strictly prohibited .The school authorities wil not be responsible for the loss of money, books etc. Students are expected to look after their own belongings. Wearing jewellery to school is strictly prohibited.
  • No pupil will be allowed to appear in any of the Examinations unless all fees and dues are paid.
  • No students will manhandle another student. This is considered a serious offence. Any violation of this rule may results in expulsion of the offender from the school. Students are expected to exhibit exemplary behaviour, inside and outside the school premises, worthy of children brought up in decent homes.
  • Students must lock their cycles and park them properly in the parking area provided.
  • Students must come to School in Proper School Uniform on PTA meets, all observation days and for any other purpose.
  • Enrolment in the school implies willingness to comply with the rules and regulations of the school on the part of the pupil and parents.
  • Parents should not send any child to school if (s) he is unwell or suffering from any infections ailments. The usual quarantine period must be followed. When such a pupil rejoins the classes, a doctor’s certificate of fitness must be produced.
  • Parents and guardians are requested to be punctual in collecting their children from the school. School authorities will not be responsible for the students left behind for more half an hour after the closure of School.