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This is to clarify to the esteemed parents of Stewart School, SCM, Tata Steel that there has been a fee hike of 15% as allowed by the Justice K. P. Mohapatra, Chairman of the Fee Structure Committee constituted by the Hon’ble High Court of Odisha to pay additional D.A. to the employees of the School.

Smart Class fees (Sessional fees) are being charged of Rs.500 towards the maintenance & salary of Smart Class Coordinator (till the last academic year this was being paid by Tata). Hence this year onwards School will have to maintain the Smart Class at its own cost. This fee is charged for the special service of Smart Class from the students.

Special fee of Rs.4000 (one time) will be charged to meet the payment of gratuity arrear of staff to the L.I.C.  The Tisco has been paying the infrastructure cost of the school. But the salary, gratuity & other social benefits of the staff shall be collected from the parents as School does not receive any other grant from any other sources. Gratuity is compulsorily payable to the staff to meet the arrear of 33 lacs. The School has opted loan and paid Rs.20 lacs on 31st March 2017 to the L.I.C. The balance of arrear and the yearly gratuity link L.I.C. premium will have to be paid by the School to the L.I.C. The School still runs deficit of Rs. 13 lacs in this respect.

Therefore, esteemed parents are requested to cooperate and pay the onetime special fee. In case any parents will not be able to pay at a time, then they may pay the same in installments.

We solicit your kind cooperation.